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TAMU Range Club Plant Sales
Types of Plant Mounts Available
Plant Sets Available: 

FFA – 86 mounts on FFA State Range List (not prickly pear), $129.00 plus tax

FFA – 129 mounts on FFA State Plant Identification List, $193.50 plus tax

4-H (FULL) – 129 mounts on State 4-H Texas Range and Pasture Plant List
Identification Contest. This set is also used for most stock and fair contests, $193.50 plus tax

4-H (GRASS) – 75 mounts on State Grass 4-H List. This list is used for the 4-H
Grass Identification Contests, $112.50 plus tax

Special or combination sets are also available, please email order to: Robert Knight

Current price is $1.50 per mount + tax (if applicable)

Samples of some plant species may not be available at all times.

Shipping free with a minimum order of $70.00. Orders less than $70.00 will be charged a $10.00 shipping fee.

Plant mounts may be purchased from:

TAMU Range Club

On line order form: under construction please call or email


c/o Dr. Robert W. Knight

Dept. Of Ecosystem Science and Mgmt.

2138 TAMU
Texas A&M University
College Station, Texas 77843-2138
(979) 845-5557, cell (979) 324-6980,

Other Sources of Information:
Hatch, S.L. and J.J. Pluhar. Texas Range Plants. Texas A&M University Press. $29.00 + tax = $31.95 (from TAMU Range Club)

Gould, F. Common Texas Grasses: an illustrated guide. Texas A&M University Press. $18.95 + tax = $20.51 (from TAMU Range Club)

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